Reza Bayat VFX Artist


VFX Compositor & Visual FX Artist, always looking to improve skills and face challenges working on a feature film, broadcast, and commercial projects.




  • Self-motivated individual and a team player.

  • Result-oriented with an ambition for accepting challenges and eager to apply new skills to the job.

  • Knowledge of animation, Lighting, compositing and editing software such as Maya, Cinema 4D, Nuke, After EffectsMotion, Photoshop, Premier and Final Cut Pro.

  • Good teamwork and works well independently, demonstrate the ability to assume responsibility.

  • Dependable, resourceful, and trainable; successfully handles a wide range of responsibilities.



Starfield Indie | Toronto, ON (May 2017-Dec 2017)

VFX Artist,

  • Creating high-quality visual effects and composition for films.

  • Responsible for creation and rendering of all types of visual effects.

  • Responsible for 3d match moving and 2d tracking.

Creative Vision Studios | Toronto, ON (2015-2016)

Editor & VFX artist,

  • Contributed to the evaluation and selection of scenes in terms of dramatic and entertainment value and story continuity.

  • Responsible for creation and rendering of all types of visual effects

Blue Sky Video Production Corp | Toronto, ON (2011-2014)

Editor & Videographer,

  • Edited motion picture, soundtracks, Photo, film, and video.

  • Trimmed film segments to specified lengths and reassembles segments in sequence that presents the story with maximum effect, or edits video, using editing equipment.


Creative Vision Studios | Toronto, ON (2011-2013)

Editor & Videographer,

  • Responsibilities included: Receiving a brief and an outline of footage or a shot list, or screenplay, assembling all raw footage with the camera.

  • Assisted in set up, shoots and edited interviews, commercials, music videos.




  • Enrolled in various visual effects courses to maintain my education and stay on top of current technologies and techniques.

3D Animation and Digital Arts Diploma (2009 - 2011)

Durham College - Oshawa, Ontario

  • Successfully completed courses in 3D animation, modeling, lighting, texturing, post-production and visual effects. Studies include 3D Maya, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Nuke.

Arts and Design (2002 - 2004)

Hamburg College - Hamburg, Germany

  • Successfully completed the course in life drawing, photography, painting, and art.


For recommendation please contact:

Starfield Indie: Peter Horton


Creative vision Studio: David